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About Suntag

Suntag computes the theoretical number of hours of sunshine of every location in Switzerland.

This service is particularly helpful for people willing to acquire or rent a real estate object in a region they are not familiar with.

What is particular about Suntag, is that it takes into account the topography of the location as well as the trajectory of the sun (depending on the seasons) to compute how much sunshine may be received during the day. Suntag does not take into account the impact of vegetation (e.g. trees) and constructions (e.g. buildings).

The topography of Switzerland is based on dataset (every 25m) provided by Swisstopo, which does not include trees or constructions (Licence #5701142104).

The statistical data used to compute the influence of the meteo has been published by MeteoSuisse (Normwerte 1981-2010: Relative Sonnenscheindauer).

Move to the sunny side today!

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