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Frequently asked questions


Q1 - What is Suntag?

Suntag computes the theoretical number of hours of sunshine of every location in Switzerland.


Q2 - What is particular about Suntag?

Suntag takes into account the topography of the location as well as the trajectory of the sun (depending on the seasons) to compute how much sunshine may be received during the day.


Q3 - Does Suntag take into account large trees or tall buildings?

Suntag does not take into account the impact of vegetation (e.g. trees) and constructions (e.g. buildings).


Q4 - Which data set does Suntag use to model the topography?

The topography of Switzerland is based on dataset (every 25m) provided by Swisstopo, which does not include trees or constructions (Licence #5701142104).


Q5 - Which data set does Suntag use to model the influence of the meteo?

The statistical data used to compute the influence of the meteo has been published by MeteoSuisse (Normwerte 1981-2010: Relative Sonnenscheindauer).


Q6 - Why are the maps from Google Maps no longer available?

Suntag has been informed by Google that the printing of the maps in a PDF files goes agains the Google Maps Terms and Conditions hence we have removed that option.


Q7 - I have requested that the reports be sent to my email account, but I have still not received anything.

Emails leave our server immediately, but it may take several minutes before they reach your mailbox. Please check your spam folder before contacting us.


Q8 - I would like to pay with credit card but Paypal forces me to open an account, which I don't want.

Use Stripe.


Q9 - As a firm, we do not want to use Paypal or a credit card. Can we pay through the post or simply make a bank transfer?

Unfortunately, the system only accepts payments by Paypal or credit card. Some companies have found it useful to open an account exclusively for Suntag. This account could then be used by all employees to order Suntag reports.


Q10 - Do you offer unlimited one-year subscriptions for companies?

For the moment it is unfortunately only possible to obtain the analyses one by one.


Q11 - When I zoom in to the maximum, the map disappears and becomes completely grey. Does the system work in this region?

A totally grey map means that OpenStreetMap does not contain information at this level of detail, which can happen outside large cities and villages. Simply unzoom slightly until the map appears again.


Q12 - After payment I pressed the wrong button and something went wrong. How can I get my files now?

Please contact us with your payment details using the contact form.


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