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What is Suntag?

Suntag computes the theoretical number of hours of sunshine of every location in Switzerland and in Liechtenstein. You now have the possibility to get the sun (sample PDF) and horizon (sample CSV) analyses for a small fee of CHF 12.00.

1. Enter the name of a location in Switzerland and press the 'Locate' button to validate and display the address on the map. You may also enter the latitude and longitude (as for instance 46.798509,8.231783) or simply drag the orange icon onto the exact location you wish to consider. Zoom until you're happy with the level of detail of the map.

2. Press the 'Compute' button to generate the output files (takes 10 seconds).

3. Press the 'Buy Now' button to buy both the PDF and CSV files for CHF 12.00. Please wait until the payment is fully processed and don't press the 'Back' button of the web browser. Upon successful payment you will be automatically redirected back to Suntag after 10 seconds.
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