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Welcome to Suntag

Suntag calculates the theoretical number of hours of sunshine for any location in Switzerland. Suntag takes into account both the relief around the selected point and the seasonality of the sun's path. You can purchase the complete Suntag Analysis (sample PDF) and the horizon shape (sample CSV) for CHF 12.00 per location on this website.

1. Enter the name of a location in Switzerland and press the 'Locate' button to display it on the map. You can also enter the latitude and longitude (e.g. 46.798509,8.231783) or simply drag the orange icon to the desired location. Zoom in until you are satisfied with the level of detail of the map.

2. Press the 'Compute' button to run the analysis and generate the output files.

3. You have to pay 12 CHF to receive the PDF and CSV files with the Suntag analysis and horizon shape. After successful payment, you will be automatically redirected back to Suntag after 10 seconds. The return to Suntag is necessary for the system to confirm the transaction and send the files automatically.

Press the 'Pay with Stripe' button to pay with Stripe (credit card only)

4. After successful payment your files will be sent automatically to your email account. You will also be able to download the files from the website (here) for 48 hours after purchase.

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